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Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Perfect World began innocently as a research project to document and analyze the incredible writings of Barbara Follett. As a professional psychologist, Alan had been curious about precocious child writers for more than a decade. Children who write like adults are incredibly rare and Barbara’s prolific work certainly fit the bill. Being an avid musical theatre fan and performer, he instinctively envisioned Barbara’s compelling life story as a musical and the archives at Columbia University were a treasure trove of detail.


The initial book and lyrics evolved over a few years and two table readings were held. Richard joined the project as composer/co-lyricist, the score was created, and the journey to hone and refine this original musical theater piece began. The third table reading included demo recordings of all songs. The participants’ positive and inspiring feedback has led to more refinement and an upcoming staged reading.


They say you never write a musical, you simply rewrite it until it works.


The creative process continues.

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