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Perfect World is based on the life story of Barbara Follett, a precocious and prodigious child writer, who had an extraordinary love of writing and words. Since age 4, she wrote copiously and prolifically, all on a typewriter. She specifically wrote about Farksolia, her Perfect World where happiness reigns and people live in harmony with nature. Barbara wants nothing more than for people to read her books and turn her perfect inner world into reality. But, life, and even love, conspire to thwart her every move. Despite publishing two full-length novels to wide literary acclaim by age 14 in the 1920s, Barbara struggles in all attempts to put the rest of her dream down onto the page. At age 25, she succumbs to life’s many pressures and disappears,  leaving her brilliance unfulfilled.

Set in the 1920s and ‘30s, the show’s universal theme is about creative passion, chasing your dream, overcoming setbacks, and striving toward a better world. Barbara’s conceptions of how people should care about nature are prescient given today’s concerns about climate and moral culture. The audience will witness Barbara’s transformation from young hopeful idealist to skeptical downtrodden adult. Barbara’s resilience and resolve are often tested, but it is Barbara’s deep love for others that ultimately betrays her, and yet moves those closest to her, whose lives she touched.


Perfect World is driven by three lead females who never give up – Young Barbara, Barbara and her mother Helen – and by Captain Stahl, the lead investigator into Barbara’s disappearance. 

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